Web App testing

As web applications become more complex & feature rich, more opportunities arise for attackers to be successful in breaching your system.

Using both manual and automated testing tools, Datavax test your web application for vulnerabilities and flaws that could be used to compromise the site and in turn access data the application holds.

Mobile App testing

Similar to web apps, mobile applications are becoming increasingly complex and feature heavy, allowing attackers to uncover new avenues for successful malicious attacks.

Testing is conducted to identify any vulnerabilities, compatibility issues and understand if both the native and hybrid application is bug free across devices.

Social Engineering assessments

In recent times, the most prolific, successful and dangerous cyber-attacks have been phishing emails. Conducting social engineering assessments, most commonly, internal phishing campaigns, enables you to identify and address any behavioural weaknesses in your 'human firewall' and provide targeted training where needed, before it is needed.

External testing

The purpose of external penetration testing is to find out if your IT infrastructure is vulnerable to an attack from an external point of view, all most always using a black box approach.

Our investigations for an external penetration test can include, external network testing, remote access reviews and source code testing in order to review the security of your internet facing assets.

Internal testing

We can also perform a vulnerability assessment on your internal network servers. Investigations would reveal any potential weaknesses which could lead to servers being compromised by users who are already on the internal network. Our investigations for an internal penetration test could include internal infrastructure testing desktops laptops/workstation review wireless vulnerability assessment server review.