Penetration testing is an essential service which is very much distinct from automated penetration tools which simply cannot find every flaw. Our services guarantees that even the most complex systems and information are locked down and secure.


External Penetration Testing

The purpose of external penetraTion testing is to find out if your IT infastructure is vulnerable from any internet based attack.
Our investigations for an external penetration test could include:

External Network Testing
Remote Access Review
Website Testing
Mobile Application Testing
Source Code Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

We also perform a vulnerability assesment on your internal network servers. investigations would reveal any potential weaknesses which could lead to servers being compromised by users who are already on the internal network.
Our investigations for an internal penetration test could include:

Internal Infrastructure Testing

Laptops/Workstation Review
Wireless Vulnerability Assessment
Server Review
Mobile device testing

Web Application Testing

As web application become more complex & feature rich, opportunities arise for attackers to breach otherwise secure network infrastructure. Web application vulnerabilities have led to theft of financial and sensitive data causing devastating reputational damage. Post GDPR (May 2018), the consequences for breaches like this could be unsurmountable for companies of all sizes. Attackers will even use a company’s own site to distribute malware to visitors of the site.
Unless your web application security has been tested in a safe & simulated attack (from the hacker’s perspective) it is not possible to understand the impact such an attack could have on your company. Using both manual and automated testing the application is tested for vulnerabilities and flaws that could be used to compromise the site or perform malicious actions.