Effective security testing doesn’t just scan the surface. It’s customised, manual, and goes deeper.

Our Process

A Unique Approach to Penetration Testing

With nearly 20 years in the IT industry, the Datavax founders spotted a hole in the cyber security market. Plenty of firms can run scans and deliver reports, but Datavax provide a carefully curated experience, with a dedicated Project Manager who will walk you through every step of the process.

Datavax stands apart with our independent, Red Team approach that begins with an in-depth meeting to discuss your project’s scope—and culminates in thorough analysis and guidance for your action plan.

When you trust Datavax with your penetration tests we will ensure that we -

Identify security vulnerabilities in your hardware and software, along with human vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.

Protect your data from cyber-attacks to avoid liability and remain GDPR compliant.

Reduce risk resulting from misconfigured infrastructure and security protocols.

Improve security response times to keep your operations running smoothly.

Why Datavax?


Many penetration testing services earn money from repairs. Like a mechanic who finds a problem with your car—and then charges you for fixing it—you may end up questioning their advice.

Datavax, by contrast, only has one mission - to give our clients comprehensive and objective information about cyber security threats, through trustworthy and unbiased testing, reporting, and guidance.


With the highest levels of accreditation and experience spanning many regulated industries, Datavax has performed penetration testing in some of the most complex and highly legislated environments.

Best-in-class Red Team Tactics

We use a Red Team methodology to test your team's defense strategy, leveraging manual approaches to take tests beyond scanning tools.

Our testers know how to exploit vulnerabilities that out-of-the-box software overlooks, offering in-depth insights that can make your business more secure.

Accessible, Customer-centric Approach

Cyber-security can be complicated and hard to navigate, which is why Datavax don’t just send you a report that’s filled with complex jargon and confusing advice.

Instead, we provide guidance and technical support at every step, especially at the reporting stage, giving you complete confidence in both the process and our recommendations.

Leadership & Customer-facing Staff

Our Process

We've designed a process that gives you confidence at each stage, by ensuring visibility and collaboration.

Dedicated Project Manager & Penetration Tester


We’ll assign you a dedicated Project Manager and a Penetration Tester who will work with you throughout the entire process. They will be available to answer questions, offer guidance, and keep you up-to-date at all times.

A Clear Project Plan


You’ll meet with your Project Manager and your Penetration Tester before any testing begins. In that initial meeting, we’ll work together to set your project’s scope and identify a plan that’s crystal clear—with scheduled check-ins and open communication so you’re never in the dark.

Live Reporting Updates


If we discover a critical vulnerability before we’ve completed testing, we’ll address it immediately and talk you through what we've identified.

Detailed Report


Your report will break down any findings, offer advice on best practices, include management summaries, and provide a traffic-light categorisation of all vulnerabilities to ensure accessibility across stakeholders.

Guidance & Technical Support


Your dedicated Penetration Tester will walk you through key findings and advisories, and they will answer any questions so you can choose the right path forward.

Branded Website Badges


Give your users piece-of-mind by displaying a branded website badge that shows you’ve completed Datavax’s rigorous testing. We also provide branded customer-facing cover letters to show either test completion or a “pass” result.

Work with a team of professionals that offer a personalised, thorough, and objective penetration test.

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